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Event name MBIG webinar: Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine and traditional Chinese medicine on health preservation and dietetics
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The Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon of Internal Medicine (黃帝内經) is a foundational text in traditional Chinese medicine. The principles of traditional Chinese medicine include the concept of qi (氣) (vital energy), the theory of yin and yang (陰陽), and the five elements (五行). It also covers topics such as the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, the importance of preventive medicine, and the role of diet and lifestyle in maintaining health. It is an important source of knowledge for those interested in traditional Chinese medicine and its approach to health and well-being.
Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the concept of qi, which is believed to flow through the body's meridian system. When qi is flowing smoothly, the body is healthy, but if it becomes blocked or imbalanced, illness can result. The theory of yin and yang is another key concept in traditional Chinese medicine. Yin and yang are opposing forces that must be balanced in order for the body to function properly. Yin represents coolness, darkness, and quiet, while yang represents warmth, light, and activity. 
In traditional Chinese medicine, the goal is not just to treat illness, but also to prevent it from occurring in the first place (上醫治未病). This is achieved through practices such as maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, getting enough rest and exercise, and managing stress. Traditional Chinese medicine is still widely used in China and other parts of the world today. While some aspects of it have been subject to scientific testing, much of it remains based on traditional knowledge and experience. The seminar covers both practical aspects and other basic concept such as deficiency syndrome (虛症), excess syndrome (實症), yin deficiency (陰虛), yang deficiency (陽虛), etc.
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24 May 2023 (13:00 - 14:00)
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