Event Information
Event code OTHR17041701 Event Flyer Closed Language Simplified Chinese
Event name Subscription to study materials of 2017 PRC CPA Uniform Examination
Contact Member Support Department at 2287-7285 / or ms.cng@hkicpa.org.hk
Event Date
Date / Time
17 Apr 2017 17:00 - 19 May 2017 23:59
Fee Information
Type Fee (HKD)
Optional 會計考試輔導教材 125.00
Optional 審計考試輔導教材 120.00
Optional 財務成本管理考試輔導教材 110.00
Optional 經濟法考試輔導教材 115.00
Optional 稅法考試輔導教材 120.00
Optional 公司戰略與風險管理考試輔導教材 95.00
Optional 經濟法規匯編考試輔導教材 280.00
Optional 會計試題匯編 45.00
Optional 審計試題匯編 45.00
Optional 財務成本管理試題匯編 45.00
Optional 經濟法試題匯編 45.00
Optional 稅法試題匯編 45.00
Optional 公司戰略與風險管理試題匯編 45.00
Optional 職業能力綜合測試試題匯編 95.00
Optional 稅法考試輔導教材 150.00
Optional 稅法試題匯編 60.00
Full Hot and limited seat Promotion
Closed e-Learning Continuing Education Fund
Support programme: Five percent of seats at selected CPD events are available free of charge to members who are unemployed, not working and planning to rejoin the workforce. The Institute reserves the right to select which CPD events are applicable to this offer.